• Orsted

    ‘Orsted’s view is that Tipperary is a leader in its green agenda. It has the most installed onshore wind generation for an inland County in Ireland. Our experience in Tipperary has been extremely positive’ TJ Hunter, Senior Director, Onshore IUK, Orsted. Link to video below

  • Vision ID

    Kenneth Arthur, Chief Commercial Officer – ‘Tipperary has been a successful location for many reasons. Clonmel has been a really good base for us as it is a vibrant manufacturing centre, especially in the cutting-edge life sciences space. That’s a strong sector for us nationally and today we…

  • David and John Brett

    David Brett, Director “Tipperary has been a great location for us as a food producer. “It really helps that Tipperary is synonymous with food production across the world. The county has an international reputation for dairy, beef, pork, horticulture, you name it. So, it’s a brilliant place to…

  • Phyllis O Donoghue Technopath

    Technopath and Tipp - a mutually successful relationship on the banks of the River Shannon
    The CEO and founder of an indigenous and now global-leading laboratory quality controls business has given emphatic endorsement to Tipperary as a location for scaling a company.

  • Peter Byrne

    FRS – a showcase for why businesses succeed out of Tipperary

    A company that originated and is headquartered in Roscrea has become one of the great home-grown success stories and a perfect case study as to why the Premier County is such a fertile ground for doing business in.

  • Waystone

    The DMS Group, MontLake and MDO have come together to form Waystone, a business uniquely designed to address the increasingly complex needs of today’s governance industry. Since their agreement in 2020, the three organisations…

  • Fiserv

    Tipperary competes on international level for inward investment

    The mix of indigenous and multi-national businesses operating successfully out of Tipperary today bodes well for the county’s future, even in the new world of work that is now emerging, Chief Executive of Tipperary County…

  • DMS Governance

    Local authority makes inward investment pitch in latest ‘Tipperary – The Place, The Time’ initiative
    Leading companies located in Premier County get behind campaign
    DATE:  Tipperary County Council is elevating its promotion of the Premier County as a destination for FDI and…

  • Testing Covid 19

    Diagnostics business Technopath is offering Irish employers access to a coronavirus antibody test at cost price to help get people back to work.

    The testing will be carried out by the Tipperary business, which is a world player in diagnostics quality control, using tests from Abbott …