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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 06/15/2023 - 13:52

Tipperary competes on international level for inward investment

The mix of indigenous and multi-national businesses operating successfully out of Tipperary today bodes well for the county’s future, even in the new world of work that is now emerging, Chief Executive of Tipperary County Council Joe MacGrath has stated.

Commenting as a four-part video series showcasing a flavour of the scale, diversity and expertise of companies operating in the county concludes, Mr MacGrath said that Tipperary has the capacity to compete not just on a national but European scale for inward investment.

The video series is the latest iteration in the ‘Tipperary – The Place, The Time’ campaign and involved companies across the county telling, through management and staff, why Tipperary is proving a winning location for their operations.

Said Mr MacGrath:  “We have a great story to tell in terms of our attractiveness as a location for inward investment and the ones that tell it best are the companies that are operating here successfully.  These investments bring direct and indirect jobs and, ultimately, are a huge stimulant for our local economy. We are putting our best foot forward through these companies who are telling their stories and giving their testimonials which, in turn, can help attract further investment.

“It’s also positive for the morale of the county and good for employees to see the very important role they are playing locally and that their contribution its recognised.  We are ultimately very grateful to these companies for participating in this series. In doing so, they are flying the Tipperary flag from an inward investment perspective.

“Success follows success and the more we tell these stories, the more attention Tipperary will get.  It’s a very challenging period for business but we have the perfect mix to capitalise on as we are centrally located with an outstanding quality of life, a plentiful graduate supply and a competitively priced cost base”

In the final of the four case study videos in the series, management and staff at Fiserv in Nenagh, (formerly First Data) which is amongst the most recent multi-national companies to set up operations in the county, tell of their satisfaction with their new home.

The company, which was established two years ago and continues to hire, has merged its own unique culture with that of Tipperary to create a winning mix. So much so that it has already been selected in the top 20 of Ireland's ‘Great Places to Work’ for Medium sized companies.