About Tipperary

Tipperary boasts vibrant urban centres, a highly skilled workforce, an established sub-supplier ecosystem and excellence in R&D capabilities spanning five municipal districts. Ireland’s biggest inland county is home to some of the world’s largest organisations across the global technology, pharmaceutical, biosciences, manufacturing and financial services sectors.

Coupled with a rich culture of heritage, food, festivals, sport and an unrivalled scenic countryside, Tipperary offers the perfect work-life balance for companies and people choosing to locate here.

It’s the right place and it’s the right time to join other leading organisations benefiting from our winning combination of accessibility, talent, a thriving business ecosystem, and a safe environment for families to live.

1International access

Tipperary, located at the heart of Ireland’s Golden Vale, naturally lends itself to success. It is in close proximity to international airports and six major ports, all connected by motorway networks providing direct access to the European market.

Unrivalled talent pool

Tipperary is unique because of its unrivalled accessibility to the most renowned universities and colleges.
It has never been easier to tailor your needs through collaboration in research and development, internship programmes or choosing from highly skilled graduates who can instantly benefit your business needs.

Proven success stories

Tipperary is very pro-business and that is a big reason why many multinational companies have decided to locate here. The strong collaboration with local authorities and the support of local business and services can help you invest and grow globally.

World-class infrastructure

Uniquely positioned at the heart of Ireland, with green and brownfield property solutions and pre-zoned landbanks available, Tipperary possesses a world-class infrastructure. The interconnecting road and rail networks serve all major cities and every port and airport, making Tipperary one of the most central and accessible economic destinations for your business. Landbanks are available in all municipals.

Lifestyle and culture

Tipperary is a treasure waiting to be explored. From its stunning mountains and rolling hills to the breath-taking Lough Derg – Ireland’s second largest lake – and the majestic River Suir, this sixth largest county on the island of Ireland is the proverbial playground for those who like to explore the outdoors.