Sharing some good and positive news about a Ballina based company, Technopath

They have developed and brought forward the launch and sale of technology that treats (shreds) medical waste from hospitals and testing laboratories.  The first orders have been installed in Northwell Laboratories, New York,  US. Well done to all in Technopath   "New York state’s largest healthcare provider and private employer Northwell has implemented a new technology from [...]

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David McKernan, Java Republic talks about his biggest regrets and education

‘I should have gone to college. I think I would have enjoyed it.’ Biggest regrets, education going forward? David McKernan of @JavaRepublic talks us through his journey as an #Entrepreneur Check it out here👇 #MondayMotivation #Startup #Leadership #Questum2020

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Louise Grubb describes the passion needed by #Entrepreneurs

‘Don't have any lofty ambitions about being the CEO or whatever, because the end of the day, it's all about sales.’ @grubblouise of @TriviumVet/@Q1Scientific describes the passion needed by #Entrepreneurs, the best advice received when starting her journey and so much more! Check it out here👇 #MondayMotivation #Startup #Entrepreneurship #BusinessOwners #Questum2020

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When we sold our business, we were selling the brand

‘When we sold our business, we were selling the brand’ Colum O’Sullivan visited Entrepreneur’s Day @Questum to talk all things @cullyandsully and his journey through entrepreneurship! Check it out here👇 #MondayMotivation #Startup #Entrepreneur #Questum2020

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Satellite coated in Enbio unit in Clonmel

The sun makes life on Earth possible but, despite this life-sustaining role, scientists know surprisingly little about our nearest star. The €1.35 billion Solar Orbiter – a joint European Space Agency and Nasa mission – is due to launch from Cape Canaveral shortly, with a very significant Irish input, and plans to change all that. One mystery Orbiter scientists [...]

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Importance of entrepreneurship stressed at key south east conference

Some of Ireland’s most successful entrepreneurs give insights to 80 businesses from across region and beyond Sunday, 12 January 2020:  The south-east’s growing reputation for its start-up ecosystem has been reflected in a weekend conference drawing in some of the country’s leading entrepreneurs. The Entrepreneurs’ Day seminar at a packed Questum Innovation Centre in Clonmel, [...]

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Breaking news for Questum Acceleration Centre, Clonmel

Breaking news for Questum Acceleration Centre, Clonmel. Theradep and Liam O'Neill's team are part of the successful Disruptive Technology Innovation Fund announcement for the 'Pharma Latch' project in UCD.

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Congratulations Philip Martin Founder at Blanco Niño

Congratulations Phillip Martin, CEO of Blanco Nino from Clonmel received the Future Leader award. At the age of just 31, this is Philip’s second successful business, having set up Little Ass Burrito a restaurant in Dublin previously. Unsatisfied with the quality of corn tortillas on the market, Philip travelled to Mexico to learn how to make authentic versions in the ancient [...]

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